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VeganCruelty and Carcinogen Free nail polish from Priti NYC is my new favorite way to have my nails looking gorgeous without all of those gross chemicals!

Priti NYC is quickly becoming a leader for eco friendly and SAFE nail polishes which are child and mom-to-be friendly! How awesome is it to find nail polish that is non-toxic?! Since I’m currently transitioning to a chemical free lifestyle, I find it hard to find nail polishes that are both non-toxic and have good color pigment and texture but Priti NYC is a perfect addition to your nail polish collection! I am loving all of the different color combos they have especially the summer colors! They have this awesome soy based nail polish remover which is also non carcinogenic and free of any harsh chemicals for your nails and skin.

Priti NYC_Stella McCartney Resort 2014_Lady of the Dawn

They were recently featured backstage at the Acne and Stella McCartney 2014 shows where they created a signature color for Stella called Lady of the Dawn

priti nyc

The Red, White and Beautiful collection is a classic color combo that is perfect when you’re feeling a little patriotic especially with the upcoming 4th of July holiday!  The colors are very pigmented and for the red and blue, there is no need for a second coat unless you want a deeper and richer color. I will have to admit that the white is not my favorite — only because the color tends to be inconsistent and doesn’t go on as cleanly as the rest of the kit. I wouldn’t judge it completely though because I am no nail guru. I’m sure there are some tips and tricks that I don’t know about putting nail polish on especially because my motto is lather it on and all the messed up bits will come off in the shower haha.

Want high quality, vegan and non-toxic nail polish? Priti NYC is PERFECT for you! I recommend you check them out now, now , now!!

Looking for some summer colors? These collections are sure to deliver! Use the coupon code PRITISPECIAL now to get 10% off! Valid until August 1st! 🙂

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glam naturalglam natural   I find it questionable and straight up generalizing to say that all girls love make up but for the ones that do; keep reading for my Glam Natural Makeup Review!

I like subtle, natural make up with my signature winged eyeliner and I occasionally go for a neutral smoky eye when the situation warrants it but the Glam Natural Starter Kit is an amazing intro to all natural make up. For me, one of the last ways I’ve gone vegan or rather eco friendly was with make up because it’s such an expensive commodity. When you’re into make up, you find your favorites and it’s hard to stray from something that has worked SO WELL for you in the past. As humans, we are creatures of habit and one of mine was sticking with the brands that have worked for me and keeping them for long after their expiration date!

When Glam Natural sent me a free starter kit, I was ecstatic to review it because I am always searching for a new make up products (even if I stick with the old ones!). Foundation is one of the hardest things to find because you have to get the shade right and the consistency has to work with your skin. I have dry skin so a lot of foundation tend to make my skin look chalky, dry it out more or there will be obvious dry skin spots especially during the winter months! To add to the never-ending list, I also have sensitive skin so I have to be careful of what I put on my skin because it’ll make me break out. I had no problem at all with break outs when using the kit!glam natural

I love this kit because it’s a perfect start to all natural makeup and  because it has everything from foundation and concealer to lip gloss and blush! Everything in the kit is fabulous and I couldn’t recommend it enough! Click read more for the complete review and color swatches!

I am IN LOVE with this whole kit!

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