1. Eat vegetables and fruits that are in season (they’ll be cheaper)
  2. Buy from your local farmer’s market (again, cheaper!)
  3. Buy in bulk (grains, legumes, pasta etc.)
  4. Be creative (sometimes you can make something amazing out of nothing. I’ve done this way too many times to count.)
  5. Stop buying unnecessary junk food (and make it yourself! Things like chips, crackers, granola bars, etc. It’ll be healthier as well!)
  6. Take a break from processed meat alternatives and stick to whole foods.
  7. Stop eating out! (this is a given for any person on a budget)
  8. Make your own veggie burgers!
  9. Cook in bulk
  10. Make your own vegetable broth (this will save you so much money plus it will taste WAY better than the store bought ones.)
  11. Buy frozen vegetables and fruits (not as good as fresh but still nutritious!)
  12. Try making big one pot meals (soups, stews etc.)
  13. Stop buying canned legumes! (they’re way cheaper dried!)
  14. Check Amazon (they have good deals on bulk items and spices.)
  15. Start your own garden (even a tiny one can makes things cheaper.)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been asked this questions TONS of times so I put together a quick little list about things that I do to eat vegan on a budget. If you have any tips or tricks, email me and I’ll add them to the list!

Here are more extensive lists on vegetables and fruits in season: What’s in season?

For NYC residents, here’s a link to farmer’s markets here: Greenmarkets

For other states: USDA National Farmers Market Directory

Also, on a side note I did not draw the veggies or anything in the chart I used Photoshop brushes!

– Alexis ♥