petit vour review

I am loving the trend of vegan subscription boxes lately and I was so happy to get to review the Petit Vour and Vegan Presence boxes! They are both FABULOUS and you should definitely be checking them out right about ….NOW!!

petit vour

I am BEYOND late on posting my May Petit Vour review but better late than never! I love, love, loved this box! It has so many cool elements and I WORSHIP the Odacite skin care that I got to try because of it! Just to give you a little overview of what Petit Vour is – they are a monthly subscription box that sends you vegan and cruelty free beauty product minis each month for only $15 and free shipping! How awesome is that price?!

Here is what came in the May Box:

  • A gift certificate for a 10 day skin care treatment with a consultation from Odacite (this is almost a $30 value on its own!!)
  • Tsi-La Organic Perfume Oil
  • Go Raw Spirulina Energy Bar
  • Sample sizes of Acure’s Morrocan Argan Oil and Argan Stem Cell Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Misa Nail Polish in the color Looking for Trouble


I seriously adored the Odacite skin care treatment! The consultation was very descriptive and you answered several questions related to your skin and lifestyle and they sent you this kit with everything from day cream and eye cream to jojoba exfoliate! This treatment changed the texture of my skin COMPLETELY and every product was amazing! I miss it!


I didn’t get to use the perfume oil as much but I was thankful to be introduced to a vegan perfume company! One of the greatest things about the subscription boxes is their ability to introduce you to all of these amazing companies you had no idea existed!

The Acure shampoo and conditioner —- just OH MY GOD! The smell is just AH-MAZING!!! If you love marzipan, you are going to LOVE how this smells! I love how this makes my hair feel as well and if it smells like marzipan all day – I will use it forever and ever! I have curly hair that tends to be on the frizzy side so whatever product there is that is formulated to help calm it, I love to try and I have to say my hair came out pretty damn awesome after using this stuff! Try it out now!!


I have to say, I HATE THE TASTE OF SPIRULINA so I didn’t love the Go Raw bar but I respect the benefits of it and it was a nice little treat within the box!


I am always looking for nail polish brands that are vegan and formulated without “the big three” so I was ecstatic to try this out and I loved the fact that it was a full size bottle! I do have to say that you’re going to be putting on at least a couple of coats to get a nice finish. This is a pretty see through color but when it goes on right, the color is so pretttty!

All in all, I loved the Petit Vour box and if you haven’t tried it or you are looking for a vegan beauty box to try – check it out now!

Now, onto the Vegan Presence box!

vegan presence

The Vegan Presence box is FANTASTIC! They are a lovely group of people who send you a monthly package of all kinds of vegan goodies and the products change each month and you can sign up for a 3 month ($60), 6 month ($115) or 1 year ($220)! I know these prices may seem kind of high but just imagine all of the free goodies you will be getting! Another thing to note is that there are some full size products that come in the box so not everything is a mini sample! One of the things that I love about Vegan Presence is that they package everything in this beautiful eco-friendly packaging as well as the fact that they send you all kinds of vegan products each month and not something specific!

Here is what came in the June Vegan Presence Box:

The tote bag is SO CUTE! I adore it and I can’t wait to use it! Its such a wonderful quirk of theirs to add a t shirt or tote bag in the monthly box! I haven’t tried the Miessence skincare samples yet but I can’t wait! I’m currently doing the two week skin detox from Root Science so I’ll have to wait until after that to try these out. Who wouldn’t want to try skin care samples form the first certified organic skin care line!


I was so happy to see the jar and straw!! I cannot wait to be drinking green smoothies out of this baby! I would have never expected a jar to come with a subscription box but I am so happy it did!



I haven’t tried the green tea yet but I see some green tea latte’s in my future! A blend of brown rice and green tea, you say?! How awesome is it that they sent you an entire bag?! How yummmmy!

I am such a fan of both of these boxes and I wish I could buy them every single month!! I recommend BOTH they are worth each and every penny!

Go order these boxes — NOW! 🙂