glam naturalglam natural   I find it questionable and straight up generalizing to say that all girls love make up but for the ones that do; keep reading for my Glam Natural Makeup Review!

I like subtle, natural make up with my signature winged eyeliner and I occasionally go for a neutral smoky eye when the situation warrants it but the Glam Natural Starter Kit is an amazing intro to all natural make up. For me, one of the last ways I’ve gone vegan or rather eco friendly was with make up because it’s such an expensive commodity. When you’re into make up, you find your favorites and it’s hard to stray from something that has worked SO WELL for you in the past. As humans, we are creatures of habit and one of mine was sticking with the brands that have worked for me and keeping them for long after their expiration date!

When Glam Natural sent me a free starter kit, I was ecstatic to review it because I am always searching for a new make up products (even if I stick with the old ones!). Foundation is one of the hardest things to find because you have to get the shade right and the consistency has to work with your skin. I have dry skin so a lot of foundation tend to make my skin look chalky, dry it out more or there will be obvious dry skin spots especially during the winter months! To add to the never-ending list, I also have sensitive skin so I have to be careful of what I put on my skin because it’ll make me break out. I had no problem at all with break outs when using the kit!glam natural

I love this kit because it’s a perfect start to all natural makeup and  because it has everything from foundation and concealer to lip gloss and blush! Everything in the kit is fabulous and I couldn’t recommend it enough! Click read more for the complete review and color swatches!

I am IN LOVE with this whole kit!


I love the foundation. It works well with my skin tone and is super easy to apply! I personally use either a stippling brush or my hands to apply foundation and it works seamlessly both ways. I don”t have much I need to cover up but the coverage is pretty good and I find my skin look pretty flawless after applying. I do use a bit of the concealer as well but just for any acne spots if I have any but even without the concealer the coverage is good. I don’t use a primer because I have yet to find a good all natural one but the wear time is pretty long. I never have that feeling that I need to reapply throughout the day. If you plan on going to work all day and then going out later that night, I would do a little touch up just to freshen up the look! I definitely recommend the foundation; it has become one of my favorites.

glam natural


I use the Ivory 1 as an under eye concealer and the Ivory 2 as a skin concealer. You definitely need to work in the concealer under your eyes because it tends to slip into fine lines but once after buffing completely it stays just as well as the foundation. The coverage of Ivory 2 works well on any acne or discoloration.

Finishing Powder

The finishing powder does just what it’s supposed to — set your make up. As I said earlier, I have no issue with the wear time on the foundation so it must work haha. Oh and I love that it doesn’t leave a white chalky look that some finishing powders end up doing. I have to admit though that I tend to skip on the finishing powder because I don’t have a problem with oily skin but I feel that if you need some on your t zone it should serve its purpose!


Mascara is ALWAYS my downfall! I just fail at applying it so as for my opinion on this — I can’t blame the mascara completely. I will say that it tends to lengthen rather than create any volume. The color is fine and the formula doesn’t irritate my eyes in any way. I feel it tends to work better when I curl my lashes, apply a coat and then curl them again before adding another coat. It’s a great mascara for a natural look but the wand

glam natural

Cream Blushes

ADORE these blushes! They work so well and each color is so build-able! If you want a subtle glow use a tiny bit and if you want something a bit more prominent just add a bit more color! I mixed a bit of the barely there and the you make me blush and the barely there actually created a bronze like glow which is so perfect for the summer! I love, love, love these and they leave such a nice finish! As I said earlier, I have dry skin so when I do get that flawless look sometimes it makes my skin too matte and I wish for a slight and these blushes create just that and the consistency is phenomenal! I find they leave my skin with this gorgeous dewy look that am so into right now!

glam natural

Lip Glosses

Gosh, I love these as well! The color, just like the blush is so build-able! The drop dead gorgeous is my favorite and is actually more red than the picture portrays and it’s what I’m wearing the sun kissed photo. So perfect for a natural look with just a bit of flair with the lip color. The bride to be which doesn’t show up really well is more of a clear/nude gloss with a subtle pink tint and is a nice when you’re going with a dramatic eye look. I haven’t tried poco loco yet but it’s definitely more on the coral side than the picture portrays and I honestly can’t wait to try it out! The only con I have about these glosses is that they tend to be a bit drying but if you wear them with a good chapstick, they’re perfect! I just love how the color changes the more you apply! The build-ability makes them so versatile!