I was beyond excited when my Vegan Cuts Snack box arrived!

I’ve been dying to try it ever since they came out so when I found out they had chosen me to review the May box I jumped right on it! For those who don’t know what it is, Vegan Cuts provides monthly snack boxes for $19.95 (free shipping within the US!) a month and each month you’ll get tons of goodies delivered straight to your door! It”s a great way to discover new vegan items as well as get enough snacks to last you a month if you don’t end up eating them all at once! 

vegan cuts

The items that came in the snack box were:

I loved the Vigilant Eats oatmeal because it’s a quick, easy and healthy treat I could take on the go and I love the addition of powdered hemp milk. I have to say I am in no way a fan of the Journey Bar. The idea behind the bar is awesome, a savory nutrition bar but I think the formula needs to be worked on. When I tasted the bar, there was an overwhelming ginger taste that I just could not imagine eating more of. The Earnest Eats bar was a little chalky but had good flavor. The Graw Bar was DELICIOUS! I loved it so much haha. I need to buy tons more of make my own version and I love that there are nothing but simple. natural and healthy ingredients. The Ginny Bakes bar is … say the least…..terrible. I honestly checked the date to see if it was expired because it was hard as a rock and tasted stale as can be! I feel bad saying this about it but I have to be honest and it was gross. The Bare Fruit apple chips were super yummy and I adore that there isn’t any added sugar as there shouldn’t be to begin with!


Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas = my new favorite snack!

I feel IN LOVE with the chickpeas and I questioned why I hadn’t found them sooner! So yummy and they taste just like litte bit sized falafel goodness! 😀 Onto the rest of the stuff, the Teecino herbal coffee was such a new thing for me and I had no idea what to expect and it actually wasn’t bad at all. I think what I decide to put in it can be changed but overall the taste was sweet, buttery and hazelnut-ty and a great coffee alternative! I could live with having me a cup of Teecino  every morning once I figure out the right proportions!

My boyfriend unfortunately goobled up all of Angie’s Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn so I can’t say much on that but I’m sure it was delicious! I haven’t yet tried the Crystal Deodorant Body Towelettes yet but I’ve heard good things about the brand so I’m looking forward to trying it!



Well, let’s face it — the number one reason why people read reviews about anything is because they want to know whether or not the product is worth the investment and in this case ..I’m going to give it only a slightly hesitant yes. The only reason why I’m saying it as a hesitant yes is because I feel like the box is geared more towards newer vegans and those looking to try out new vegan products. The idea, the passion and the mission are all AMAZING and I congratulate and commend those behind it and I think their determination to spread veganism is fantastic! Overall though, to invest in the box is something you have to ask yourself from a lifestyle perspective and where you, personally are at. If you’re looking to cut processed foods, then no this isn’t the box for you because regardless of its vegan stamp — it’s still something processed but there are some good healthy treats included!

If you want find new products and try new snacks and treats — this box is 100% for you. The amount of snacks you get and the introduction to new vegan products/companies is worth your time and money and who doesn’t love a box of yummy goodies being delivered to you once a month?! As I said earlier, I’ve been dying to try out the Vegan Cuts Snack Box and I love being able to try and find something new every month for a reasonable price so if you’re coming from that lifestyle and that perspective definitely try it out! It’s a great way to try out a lot of things at an affordable price!

vegan cuts

From the poor college student perspective (aka my life 88% of the time!):

I would unfortunately have to bypass it completely! If you know where I’m coming from then you know each meal sometimes becomes a choice between textbooks or paying for transportation to class the next day so this box would slip into the completely luxury list. Although, I will say that if you can spare the extra few bucks the snack could last you a while and would provide some healthy snacks while on campus or late night cramming since you forgot to study all semester long!

Just to reiterate what I said about whether or not to buy: just take a step back, examine where you are and if the box would benefit and fits your lifestyle go for it! If not, try it out at least once and if it’s something you can’t see yourself splurging on every month — bypass it.


Regardless of my opinion or anyone’s choices; Vegan Cuts has been doing and will continue to do some amazing things!

Just to be on the safe side; Vegan Cuts sent me the box to review for free but all opinions stated within are my own and I am not being paid to write this review.